Five Elements Feng Shui Solutions

is a Hong Kong based company owned by Master Fiona Hawkins.

Living in Hong Kong for many years, I observed Feng Shui and Ba Tze being extensively practiced, in all walks of life. These practices bore little resemblance to what I had previously experienced in other countries, inspiring me to find out more. What I discovered was an immensely complex practice underpinning the Chinese culture, with a rich history developing over thousands of years.

I have studied Feng Shui for more than a decade, training with Grand Master Raymond Lo, Professor Stephen Skinner and Master Yap Boh Chu, reading extensively from the books written by these three eminent Masters as well as others. I have now had the honour of being granted the title of ‘Feng Shui Master’ in 2014.

My study has lead me to a passion for the history of Feng Shui and its related subjects as well as Land Form. I once asked how long do I need to study to know all about Feng Shui, the reply was “for a life time”, I now understand what that means.

I practice in Australia and Hong Kong, working with architects, interior designers and private clients on both Residential and Commercial properties. My Ethos is to combine Feng Shui seamlessly with 21st century design, incorporating and promoting environmental sustainability where ever possible – recycle, reuse and locally sourced”.

My next project is to design and build a retreat home using my Feng Shui knowledge and my materials ethos. I will be up-dating the progress with explanations and images on my blog and hope every one will find it an interesting and informative journey.    – Master Fiona Hawkins (AFSM)