Fusing Ancient with Modern

Feng Shui

Residential and Commercial

Analysis involves evaluation of the land and surrounding area, floor plan shape and layout, direction the property faces, interior finishing and landscaping.

I work with Private Clients, Architects, Developers and Interior Designers.

Land Selection

Start with the most auspicious site available to you, either for a full development or a private home.

Ba Tze

Ba Tze readings are always carried out as part of a Feng Shui analysis for both commercial and private properties. In the case of a commercial site it is the Ba Tze of the business owner or the Boss, that is analysed, while for a private home the Ba Tze of every one who will be living in the property is taken into consideration.

Educational Talks

Groups or Private

These are for every one but particularly aimed at non-Chinese businesspersons working in a Chinese cultural environment with the purpose of promoting understanding of and respect for this cultural belief. You may not believe in Feng Shui or the related practices but many of your colleges or workers do. By taking this step to learn about their culture you will show respect and understanding, this will be returned to you ten fold.

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