Now It Begins

The land for this project is on a beautiful, totally natural river, it has 120m of waterfront and is 6 acres in size.  These assets will make designing a property with Feng Shui application much easier, even so, there may be compromises and constrains as  everyone is different in how they wish to live so it is important in this process to be able to advise, adapt and collaborate to create a wonderful home and the most auspicious building possible.  When a building is to be used as a home the ultimate aim is Human Harmony, Health and lastly Prosperity, (a business property is different).   The ‘Ba Tze’ of every person living in a building, has to be analysis and taken into account.  Many or you may not have heard this term, so I will explain it in another post.

My first step is to assess the site looking at the land and it’s surrounding landscape, from both an areal view and ground level.   I will follow the river  to understand its flow and strength of ‘Chi’, map the surrounding roads and intersections as well as look at the distant views.   All of these are important steps even if a building has already been constructed.

In each post I will add a little snippet of information for you, history, factors or may be misconceptions.   I look forward to getting back to you with my first findings and your first snippet.