About Ba Tze

The word Ba Tze means 8 characters; these Chinese characters are derived from the Chinese 1000-year calendar, using the hour, day, month and year of a person’s birth.

As this is a Chinese practice so the name originally was written only in Chinese characters. For non – Chinese readers the name had to be translated into words they could understand. You will come across a number of ways it has been written, Ba Zi, Ba Tze, Tzu Ping, Ming Li (Theory of Life) as well as Four Pillars of Destiny. All these refer to the same system. I have used Ba Zi a great deal but it is really an abbreviation so I felt it better to use Ba Tze here.

Ba Tze is not Feng Shui; it is a separate subject that is used in conjunction with Feng Shui, to assess the affect the Feng Shui of a property has on an individual. In the case of a business it is the Ba Tze of the owner or boss that is assessed.

Ba Tze is likened to the blue print of a person’s life, nothing is absolute and it is influenced by decisions made, when they are made and the environment in which a person lives. By understanding your Ba Tze you can enhance the positive and help minimize the negative influences on their life.